Building Consent data continues to be positive

Building Consent data continues to be positive and so we all should see good business going forward.

The supply chains for Flooring stocks are in reasonable shape. There is 150x25 Kwila T&G arriving at the suppliers in the next 10 days, after delays in getting more. Getting 200x25 White Oak for flooring remains a difficult ask. Prices are steady and not a lot of prime grade wide White Oak around. The 150x25 white Oak is not so bad, but the exchange rate is a killer.

There will be a few price changes for projects finishing nearer to the beginning of October. 128x19 white oak may drop slightly and 172x19 may go up slightly. If the dollar continues to fall we will see further price increases.

Lead times are running out to 4 weeks, please give us time and confirm your time frame at your earliest convenience! It makes all our lives easier. Also a plea to decide on all the area's you need before the timber order is made, as topping up orders when lead times are longer puts us and suppliers in a bit of a pickle and involves a set up cost to the customer. If your not sure about timber in wardrobes - and that extra room, we encourage you to make your decisions early in the piece as it is very busy out there - and we don't want your job to be held up for any reason! Lead times are longer for Parquet and because it's a sweeping new trend do please place your order at your earliest convinience. We are doing some fantastic jobs - keep an eye on our facebook page for our updates on latest flooring trends.

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