Super high demand for our American Hardwoods

The building activity (as we see it) is strong and the Xmas rush appears to be starting really early this year! There is super high demand for our American Hardwoods such as Prime Grade American Oak - so if you have a big job looming you have to get in quick and place your order - it's first in first served as far as ordering your timber and demand is high for our suppliers. So if your project MUST be done by Christmas then you MUST get to booking it in now!

OR - January and Febuary is a fantastic time to start your project, easy to book in, and no traffic for the Tradies' - so much easier to complete your job with no stress for everyone. Not the end of the world if the floor isn't finished for Christmas - most folk have enough Champers and Strawberry cream meringue to end up not noticing whether or not there is floor...or walls! After all it's the company we keep that makes Christmas....Christmas.

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