How do I take care of my beautiful floor? Once you - or your cleaners are in charge of
taking care of your timber floor, there are a few tricks to keeping it ship shape for years of enjoyment. This is a basic guide to cleaning, protecting and reviving your floor.



For weekly or bi-weekly cleaning, sweep or vacuum - and ensure your vacuum has a floor brush attachment or use an electric dry dust mop.


Mop the floor with a mop specifically for timber flooring - we recommend the Bona Mop and relating cleaning products cleaning products.


To remove dirt, oil, and grime that has built up over time, and isn’t completely removed by your weekly vacuum and dry mop – do a deep clean. Every four to six months, mix up to one cup of methylated spirits, OR a non abrasive detergent into a bucket of hot water and mop the floor, squeezing most of the water out before placing the mop on the floor. Do not use a wet mop on your floor and do not allow any surface water to pool on your floor at any time. Once you have deep cleaned your floor, a run over with the Bona Mop brings it up beautifully.


Under no circumstances should you consider using a steam mop on your floor. This will delaminate the coating on your floor.


If you have any questions please do contact us.



Use mats to look after your floor - place a door mat outside each of your entrances and if possible a softer mat immediately inside each door - this will assist to remove any sand, grit and small stones from shoe-soles/feet.


Like many finishing or covering products such as fabric and carpets, exposure to direct sunlight can cause discolouration of your floor. To reduce the effects of this, filter direct sunlight with curtains or blinds. If building or renovating, consider installing a UV window film on the most exposed windows to sunlight to protect your floor and your furnishings.


When replacing your furniture or moving furniture do not drag it across the floor, and when wheeling heavy items (e.g. refrigerators) use heavy carpet runners or mats to roll the wheels on.


Use protective pads underneath the legs of chairs and furniture.


Keep your pets nails trimmed regularly if you have used a soft wood.


If you have any questions please do contact us.



After a few years and a few parties, you may choose to just revive your floor to look new again. This is one of the main advantages of choosing a timber floor.


We recommend you keep a record of the products used on your floor. Retain this information to provide to any subsequent contractor in case you decide to revive your floor a few years down the track.


Your contractor will then ensure the original and recoat materials are compatible.


A re coat involves a solvent wash to clean the floor first. Then your floor will be buffed (lightly sanded). The floor is then vacuumed and recoated. Bingo – just like a new one!


If your floor is very old, or you would like to change the colour, you may simply do a full re sand and coat to your desired colour and your floor will look like new. We will happily advise you on how certain timbers lend themselves to new colour choices.


If you have any questions please do contact us.

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