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Each time we walk into a room, we ask ourselves what would we be happy with?

How can our handcrafted timber floors transform this space?

This willingness to create long-lasting value for clients keeps us at the top of our industry”

Phil Rowe, Owner


Who Are Freedom Flooring?

Freedom Flooring is a kiwi owned and family run timber flooring business based in Auckland for close to 2 decades, that is pretty good going we think (especially when the owners share a home with three kids, a dog and a set of in-laws). We aren’t kidding when we said it’s a family operation!

The reason this all works is because we all share many values, with the highest ranking one being we all like helping people. With a large family to take care of, and staff that are Freedom family, it’s all about the big picture and looking after each other, and of course, our customers (A little bit like the Mafia – but without the crime).

A ‘shoulder to wheel’ approach to doing business is what we are about, we just like getting stuff done. We are ‘doers’ that like to enjoy our time doing. With all that in common, well it just works.

Working is a pleasure for the cheerful bunch at Freedom Flooring. We get to transform spaces and realise customers dream homes, all while adding measurable value so it’s pretty satisfying stuff.

Some of the amazing work our repeat Builders, Architects and Designers give us we feel privileged to be involved in – if we were rubbish at what we do, repeat work wouldn’t be our thing, but it certainly is. Some clients have been around so long, they are friends! Freedom Flooring could stop advertising on social media (tempting so tempting), and we’d still be busy – is that bragging? Maybe.

But we wouldn’t forget doing any of that because firstly, that’s crazy and secondly our other favourite thing – is meeting new people. And here you are, reading this, hello new person!



New clients equal new people into the Freedom Family and their plans equal new ideas and that results in more pretty pictures to share with the world, it’s just one big creative circle!

If you’ve always wanted a timber floor – our policy is ‘then you shall have one’ so we’ll find a solution that fits both your budget and timeline.

Being a leader in the timber flooring industry means we are asked to work on all kinds of projects. Examples would be;

  • Some of New Zealand’s most award winning buildings both commercial and private by local and international architects and designers (very fancy stuff)
  • New builds or renovations from people into their first homes (exciting)
  • Home upgrades when the family is growing (that was a surprise)
  • Empty nesters keen on spending the kids inheritance (fun and exciting)
  • Developers looking to make it work financially – and deliver quality so their decisions don’t come back to bite them (always a good thing)
  • Insurance claims – there’s nothing we haven’t seen!

We respect the fact that timber flooring can be a big purchase and we want you to feel safe in your decision to choose us as your timber flooring provider, so if you are still unsure, some photography of our own work might inspire you, so check out what we’ve been doing for close to 2 decades in the world of timber flooring here.


Meet The Team

Hand picked and highly skilled - what a good-looking bunch…

Seriously though, we are proud to say our staff are the best in their field of work. Timber flooring is true craftsmanship if you want it to last, and our people take the time to invest in their craft with appropriate training and education. If there is a new and better way of doing something you can bet we’ve got it handled. 

Phil Rowe

Meet the Owner, Phil

Born in Auckland South Side.
Talents and abilities: Able to charm the skin off a snake.
“Best dad in the world” (disclaimer: quote taken from own children).
No one is perfect, so Phil Is rubbish at: Cleaning toilets and bathrooms, and cooking.

Thomas Mcghee

Meet The Project Manager, Thomas

Born in Auckland West Side.
“Best dad in the world” (disclaimer: quote taken from own children).
Talents and Abilities: Is able to get through an extraordinary amount of work.
No one is perfect, so Thomas is rubbish at: Not stealing other people’s work

Lorraine Barr

Meet The Office Manager, Lorraine

Born in Auckland.
“Best mum in the world” (disclaimer: quote taken from own children).
Talents and abilities: Able to keep a COMPLETELY clear email inbox – I know right!
No one is perfect, so Lorraine is rubbish at: Taking the tags off her clothes before she sells them again, and hiding receipts

Brenda Boyer

Meet the Marketing Manager, Brenda

Born in Auckland East Side.
Talents and abilities: Is Perfect.
“Best mum in the world” (disclaimer: quote taken from own children).
No one is perfect, so Brenda is rubbish at: Thinking she’s not perfect.

Hyan Guy Lim

HyunGyu (Q ), Master Sander

Hails from: Seoul, South Korea
Talents and abilities: stronger than someone half my age, and am excellent grandad
Is rubbish at: Cooking this is not a job for me!

Adan Hemera

Adan, Master Sander

Hails from: Auckland north shore
Talents and abilities: An epic dad with an awesome grin
Is rubbish at: Hanging up his towel


Mike, Master Sander

Hails from: Auckland west
Talents and abilities: Sharp as a razor memory of all things musical, songs,lyrics and release dates!
Is rubbish at: Going to bed when he should and falling asleep on the couch (I hear some of you nod in understanding)

Johan Hoofd

Johan, Master Installer

Hails from: Ten Post, the Kingdom of the Netherlands
Good at: Playing with his kids
Rubbish at: Putting his washing in the basket

Greg Rowe

Greg, Colourist

Hails from: Auckland, South
Good at: a culinary genius and artist extreme
Rubbish at: Going to bed early


Jacob, Master Floor Sander

Hails from: Auckland, North Shore
Good at: Folding his washing
Rubbish at: Remembering to take the washing out


Trezon, Master Sander

Hails from: Whangarei
Good at: Fixing all things mechanical
Rubbish at: I’d prefer it if someone else cooked

Paul Sutton

Paul, Master Installer

Talents and abilities: Building and Gardening
Is rubbish at operating a mobile phone

Stefan Lutger

Stefan, Master Installer

Hails from: Cape Town, SA
Talents and abilities; Rock Climbing, Keeping his tools and site extremely clean,
Is rubbish at: Cooking!

Roger Retemeyer

Rodger, Master Installer

Talents and abilities: Surfing, master of Parquety Flooring (it's art)
Is Rubbish at: Nothing!

Ratima Petera

Ratima, Master Sander

Hails from:
Talents and abilities:
Is rubbish at:

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