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We aim to make your experience of purchasing a timber floor easy and stressless, so we facilitate the whole process, you can choose and order your timber, and we will install and finish it for you. No back and forth between various companies or aligning deliveries from here to there, just leave it all to us.


If you require help and advice deciding on what you want, we can help when it comes to the designing of the timber floor or recommending what is best suited to your project. We have helped design many amazing timber floor spaces. So if you just aren’t sure or need technical advice we are happy to help you.

Timber can be installed in everything from bedrooms to gymnasiums. It is suitable for all applications and styles. Some timbers lend themselves to certain finishes such as contemporary or traditional looks better than others, so it’s good to have a chat to us about what style you want to achieve before you pick your timber.

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