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Who Am I?

I need speed and convenience but still with reliability and wow factor – a quick turnaround for me thanks

Function, strength and longevity come first for me, it can take a little longer to get exactly what I need – I am looking for what I want without compromise.

Something really special – this is my dream project for my home or business, maybe
I want a specific colour made just for me, and budget is not an obstacle.

I’m a developer or builder – I need a quality product and advice that will increase my
profit margins.

I’m trend savvy and I want something I can easily change the look of every few years


I’m an architect or designer, I have a client that wants what they want where price isn’t necessarily an obstacle

I’m an architect or designer and I have a client that needs a cost effective solution but still says ‘quality’ 

I’m a pinterest freak and I’ve got so many ideas I can’t cope….HELP!

Ok. Come and see us for a cup of tea and a lie down! We CAN help you just show us your pictures! Maybe not 1000 pictures... Our showroom is in Albany so drop in, or we can come and see you to help you decide your best solution. Book an appointment here

I want everything above, and more

Your mother told you once - you can’t have everything. Now go to your room

Vision & Process

Do you have a challenging project? Perhaps you are a developer wanting quality results but with a fast turnaround and a trouble free handover? Maybe you are a homeowner excited about finally planning your forever space! Or, perhaps you are an Architect or Interior Designer where your reputation rests on the quality of the products you have specified.

There have been huge technological advances in wooden flooring and there are now multitudes of products for you to choose from, more than ever before. So for every style from contemporary to traditional, and every budget from pretty basic to wildly inappropriate – you’re going to be confident you will find something that perfectly suits you and your vision at Freedom Flooring.

The good news is you are looking at the right company – we can help!

Freedom Flooring relishes taking on exciting challenges, there really isn’t a design, plan or client that is beyond our scope of work as you can observe in our gallery pages. Our finest craftspeople at Freedom Flooring can make all your visions come to light – anything from simple to complex, so let’s find out who you are and what will suit you best.

How to Choose Your Flooring Supplier

It can sometimes be a difficult process choosing your flooring supplier so we’ve put together the top criteria to consider when making this important decision.

Be sure to use this chart to ask your chosen provider the right questions. Flooring is a big purchase so you need to feel confident in your choice.

Q How long has the company been around for and will it still be around to handle any problems that may come up?
A Together we have over 40 yrs of knowledge in the timber flooring industry as well as 18 talented and professional flooring specialists in the team, some who have been at Freedom Flooring for close to two decades!
Q Are there guarantees offered to ensure my customer satisfaction?
A A We stand by our work 100%.
Q Are there guarantees offered to ensure my customer satisfaction?
A A We stand by our work 100%.
Q Am I going to be dealing with focused and passionate business owners?
A We are New Zealand owned and family run – you are our business and we can’t be here without you.
Q Will I be working with one company all the way – one that supplies timber, performs installation, applies finishing and manages after care service?
A Absolutely – the buck stops here!
Q What assurances do I have that the work will be done to recognised standards of quality and completed by qualified professionals?
A We are accredited members of recognised New Zealand and Australian authorities in the flooring industry.
Q Are my choices going to be limited due to arrangements from certain timber suppliers only?
A The answer is no! There are no limits – you can have what you want.
Q Can I see, feel, touch and be inspired – can you bring my wooden floor to life for me before I buy?
A We provide flooring samples for you to view in your home or our pretty fantastic showroom at 9a Airborne road, Albany, North Shore – 09 448 5728.
Q Can I spread the payments to suit my budget?
A We accept credit cards with no surcharges.
Q Is there information I can view in my own time to help me make the right decision? Can I see what others have done?
A Our website or Facebook page will help – including recent images of completed projects.

 If you are nice to Phil he’ll take you out to see flooring in homes we have completed if you need to see the floor in a bigger area

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