“Do what you do so well, that they will want to see it again and bring their friends”

– Walt Disney


Freedom Flooring keep a rolling record of how their customers are feeling through online survey software. Once a job has been completed our customers are emailed a quick survey to see how they felt about the job.

Customers are an amazing source of information that allow us to optimize the performance of Freedom Flooring. We do really want to hear what you want, and understand what you think about our products and services. I mean, we aren’t needy or anything but we like to know, you know?

Why do we do that? Well, if we ensure we listen to you – then customers become fans. And fans become valuable advocates for our brand for life! Like Trevor… see his review below.

We REALLY appreciate you as our customer filling out our little email survey after we complete your work. But,, we are all a bit time poor and mostly survey’s are just a pain, so we’ve made it a 30 second survey so it doesn’t feel like we are asking you to write an essay!

We use the feedback to improve and/or congratulate our staff on a job well done, or in Trevor’s case, we congratulate the customer for knowing his place hehehe

These comments are updated regularly here so we keep it fresh, so here is a slice from 2020/21.



You did what you said you’d do, when you said you’d do it. And it looks GREAT!
Kylie – Nick Bosanac Builders Brilliant staff

 Amazing product, good value quick easy and experienced installation.
Tory Comer

There is ONLY ONE flooring company – Freedom Flooring!
Trevor Logan (life customer that knows his place)

Approachable, very helpful & happy to solve problems.

Great workmanship, I’m very happy with the end result. Great communication
throughout the job too.
Amelia Macnab

Exceptional quality Products , fast and efficient and very accommodating staff.
Brownwyn Johnson

Customer Service was absolutely superb. Helpfulness in choosing both color, texture, and product was amazing. I would definitely recommend Freedom Flooring to each and everyone.
Anne and Graham

Incredible company, incredible people, incredible workmanship. Couldn’t be happier :)
Claire Grove

Amazing service, very respectful, professional and polite team of installers, kept to their promises.
Wendy Cohen

The whole team I dealt with were personable, knowledgeable & skilled.
Sean & Liz Kelly

It’s so rare in the construction industry and we’ve done a lot of house to get people like you, who care about what they do and communicate through the whole process.
Phil and Tania Wardell

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