Why Choose Wood


The environmental benefits of choosing timber flooring are indisputable. Far less energy is consumed in timber production, processing and disposal, than with any other construction material - excellent!
The more trees we use, the more are planted because the wood that is used comes from forests that have been managed for generations. Harvesting creates space for new growth at a rate of two trees for every one felled. Here’s a fun fact - there are now more trees today than there were 100 years ago! That’s GREAT NEWS!
Wood can be used in three life cycles;

1. It is used to create a product.
2. The product itself can be recycled
3. It can be used for energy generation

NO other renewable material can equal this, in terms of volume and economy.

At Freedom Flooring, we are committed to supporting environmentally sustainable practises both within our business and with the timber flooring products we supply to our customers. We purchase timbers from FSC certified organisations only.
FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) promotes responsible forest management in countries worldwide and certification ensures that the forest products used are from responsibly harvested and verified sources.

Health & Warmth:

Timber flooring is an excellent health choice for people concerned with maintaining healthy homes temperatures, and cleanliness for asthma and allergy sufferers.

For keeping down costs of heating and cooling your home - timber flooring is a heat conductor because it has a higher thermal mass than alternative flooring like carpet. Timber flooring will therefore reduce your home’s temperature fluctuations just by absorbing, storing and distributing heat, saving you money on heating and cooling your space. Unlike other hard flooring options, underfloor heating isn’t necessary to keep your feet.


There’s no doubt that timber flooring adds huge value to your home, development or commercial project - with two thirds of homeowners saying they prefer timber flooring in their dream homes. Timber will give you decades of enjoyment. You know you are making a great choice for the value of your property and it’s potential to realise your investment at sale time.

Choices, choices:

There have been huge technological advances in wood floors and there are now multitudes of timber flooring products for you to choose from, more than ever before. So for every style from contemporary to traditional, solid wood or quality prefinished and engineered products, we are confident you will find something that perfectly suits your idea of style and colour at Freedom Flooring.


It’s pretty tough to wreck a timber floor! Just clean as per instructions and get those spills off the floor quickly and you will enjoy your floor for many years to come. Your floor won’t crack or split like tiles or date like carpet.


Short attention span? Sick of the colour? No you don’t have to rip your floor out like carpet or tiles, how about a quick refresh or recolour instead? Ask us what timbers are best for mind changers or trend savvy people. Hint... (it’s Oak)


Here’s a weird thought - your timber floor might outlive you! Depending on care level, coating, traffic, parties, kids, pets, grandchildren, more parties…your floor should last you for the up’s and downs of your lifetime. Just look after it as per instructions and you’ll get more years of enjoyment than any other flooring type.

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