Pilularis / BlackButt


Sizes available: 128 x 19mm / 165 x 19mm / 172 x 19mm / 200 x 19mm / 200 x 19mm / 210 x 19mm / 220 x 19mm

Finishes Available: Can be Stained, Polyurethaned and Oiled.

Surface type: Smooth

Scientific Name: Eucalyptus pilularis

A highly sought after and versatile timber, the colours are cream to light brown, with little visible straight grain and medium texture. Some gum vein is present. Blackbutt is a versatile timber that can easily be stained darker but cannot be lightened. It's so nice - that it is the timber flooring of choice in Parliament House, Canberra.

Also known as Eucalyptus Pilularis, BlackButt is a native hardwood of Australia, predominately found in the Northern coast of NSW. The species name (pilularis) is a Latin word meaning "a small pill", referring to the shape of the fruit. 

A tall tree with an average height of around 40-50 metres or more, with a long straight cylindrical trunk. It can measure up to 3 metres in diameter

Blackbutt gets its name from the rough bark at the tree base which is usually charred black from past bush fires. Blackbutt is 'half bark, which means it has rough, fibrous bark on the lower trunk with the upper trunk and branches normally being smooth and whitish to yellow in colour. The bark sheds away in strips in the upper part of the trunk, leaving smooth branches, often wtih insect 'scribbles' on the bark.

Sources: Forestry Corporation 

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