Sanding & Restoration

It’s time to sand and finish your new or existing timber flooring! This part is exciting as you see your vision come together - at last!

  • After they have been laid, your timber floors are sanded back, filled and then fine sanded in preparation for your coating.
  • Your floor will be treated in the colour of your choice in the product of your choice.
  • Freedom Flooring’s machines are the top of the line 'dustless machines' but we cannot completely eliminate the dust factor. You will love your floor so much that a wee bit of dust shouldn’t worry you too much, a cleaning service can be recommended!
  • If you have an existing native timber floor please discuss potential Bora infestations prior to deciding to stitch in to an existing floor, we can’t see this until it’s been sanded! You can also go over the top of an existing timber floor or rip out and replace

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