Timber Floor Installation

After you have chosen your flooring, Freedom Flooring will arrange and facilitate the installation.

  • Your subfloor may require levelling and prior to installation
  • Your subfloor will received two coats of moisture barrier application for ultimate protection
  • Floor boards will be installed by qualified professionals and adhered to highest standards by industry governing bodies
  • From prefinished engineered flooring to solid wood parquet, you can be assured your floor will be finished professionally and in a timely manner.
  • Please ensure your jobsite is ‘clean and clear’ delays such as having other trades still working in the space, or furniture and fittings still to be removed may delay your timeline
  • Pre-finished flooring will be finished after this stage and you may walk on it as soon as your floor layer has told you you are able, usually after the glue has ‘gone off’ meaning the floor is stable. Please do not drag ANY furniture items, this will damage the flooring. Always lift and supervise moving furniture.
  • Skirting boards should be removed and replaced after your floor has been installed, we cannot guarantee ‘no damage’ on skirting boards
  • Installation that includes a ‘Negative detailing’ is one of our special talents….

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